Informative Interview


Specialist Headhunters

Our normal ways of recruiting weren't working and we wanted to try a new and different approach. We found Simply Veterinary's service a refreshing option, it was a great way of standing out and effectively communicating our unique selling points. The level of detail Simply Veterinary gives potential candidates is not something that can be communicated in an online advert.

The quality of candidates was very good and had clearly been hooked nicely by Simply Veterinary by how they communicated the opportunity. All the candidates we met were 'warm candidates' and Simply Veterinary clearly took the time to get to know candidates and don't just fire out CVs. They are head and shoulders above the rest".


Gain Access to the Passive Candidate Market | Did you know that only 25% of the market are active job seekers? Gain access to the 75% of the market that traditional recruitment methods do not reach and be introduced to high quality candidates who are not on the open market and wouldn't come to light otherwise. 

Stand Out from the Crowd | Professional brand representation that creates curiosity and a sense of exclusivity about your practice. 

Reduce Recruitment Fatigue | Invest your time and energy into assessing the right candidates.

Priority and Consistent Attention | By intentionally capping our workload, we ensure your search is allocated all available resources and attention. 

Feedback | Understand how your business and brand is perceived in the market and ensure the right message is being communicated. 

Results | We are proud to deliver an 80% success rate based on our strategic and proactive approach and professional persistence. 



Our reputation is your reputation | The way we behave and develop relationships demonstrates exclusivity in the practice we are representing. 

Well-informed and enthusiastic candidates | Our knowledge and representation of your business means candidates will be introduced being as much as 70% sold on the opportunity. Meeting with you is the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle. 

The right motivations | A passive candidate will move on from a job they are happy and settled in for the right opportunity, one that provides professional and/or personal growth. 

You don't have to hire in haste | A passive candidate will be exploring the opportunity exclusively and this gives both you and the candidate more time to make a fully informed decision. 



UK graduate, 6 years qualified

Studying towards medicine certificate

Role: Senior Vet with a view for partnership

Location: West Sussex

UK graduate, 9 years qualified

Role: Senior Vet

Location: West Midlands

UK graduate, 6 years qualified

Role: Clinical Director

Location: Greater Manchester